Annie Kramer

Work hard, ski hard, eat well, and be mindful: for ourselves, for the living Earth, and for our shared future.

All smiles in Italy’s Dolomites. Photo: SK, 06.2009.

The walls of Annie’s compact dorm room speak volumes. They tell the tales of high-alpine trekking (and trudging) in Bhutan, Nepal, Corsica, and beyond, of endurance running through the Hoh Rainforest in the United States’ westernmost reaches, of conversing in multiple tongues, and of farming–and eating–Icelandic vegetables pulsing with health and life. While Annie is apt to name red rock as her preferred terrain feature, her ample days spent on Alta, Utah’s powder-clad slopes have cultivated in her a deep love for all things snow-covered.

An aspiring writer, linguist, and [part-time] ski bum, Annie took a leave of absence from Stanford University during the 2010-2011 academic year to travel, ski, and to work for Friends of Alta, a small non-profit land trust organization that seeks to preserve Alta’s environmental vitality and uniquely unspoiled ambiance. Despite her insatiable appetite for globetrotting and her desire to plunge her trail-running shoes into mud of multiple nationalities, Annie gleefully reports that the western United States’ National Parks and wide-open expanses ultimately exceed all other locales in their seductive powers.

As Annie works to complete her undergraduate studies, she looks forward to further developing the skills to serve as a practiced steward of the land, sea, and sky: for ourselves, for the living Earth, and for our shared future.

For further information about Annie’s writing and/or photography, please direct inquiries to goingglacialATgmailDOTcom.

Verve and vertigo in Alta, Utah. Photo: SK.


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