it’s a horse, it’s a helicopter…it’s a hell of a ride! navigating nepal, part 2

I will allow the colorful title of this post to speak for itself. Onto the photographs, which were unfortunately cut short by my unwelcome acquaintance with a Nepal-style super-virus that knocked the you know what out of me…


Starting strong, oh yeah: Sam battles his own GI bug in the comforts of the Kathmandu Yak n' Yeti Hotel
Pashupatinath, holy Hindu cremation ground in Kathmandu
I'll let this one speak for itself...
The Kathmandu Valley, pollution and all, from Swayambhunath
"It's Always Sunny in Lukla"...NOT.
On the "Trekker's Highway": leaving Lukla for the EBC trek
"NQR": Not Quite Right
Bhutanese ketchup seems to cross borders...
Everest appears on the upward hike to Namche...
View from the Hotel Camp de Base in Namche Bazaar (11,400 feet)
Majestic Ama Dablam
Sam takes on yak...

Sam in front of a stupa in the monastery village of Tengboche
A beautiful day in Namche, a perfect place to convalesce
Namche Grocery: is that voluptuous dzokyo (yak/cow hybrid) for sale?!
Hanging prayer flags to spread merit on the Hillary Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the Everest region
The Russian behemoth on the approach...
Sam in the bowels of the Russian helicopter...
Farewell to Lukla, at last!
One more view, just to emphasize the enormity and sketchiness...oops!
Relief: an overnight layover with the creature comforts of the Doha International Airport

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