in bhutan: soggy, sweaty, and [sometimes] smiley

While I continue to process my adventure and give myself another day or two to recover from this indomitable jet lag (hello, 13-hour time change), I would like to share some photos from my initial sifting. I will follow up in a day or two with a similar post with photos from Nepal–although I am certain that the helicopter shots take the cake from that part of the journey). I also hope to produce a more formal electronic photo album in the next few weeks. With the exception of some brief captions, I will allow the photographs to speak for themselves. I say too much, anyway.

The Paro Valley: rice paddies, deep green hills, and a crystal clear river

Paro dzong (fortress monastery)
I think this speaks for itself.
A storefront in "bustling" downtown Paro, with denizens sporting the gho, or the national robe
Hitting the trail in western Bhutan for the Jhomolari trek
Sifting rice across generations...and a really cute baby

Making camp in the company of our pack horses and Bhutan's omnipresent fog
Camping in the fog and rain...again
X-ray vision in the Himalaya: prayer flags at 15,000 feet
A clearer vision: "THAT'S what Bhutan looks like!"
Camping under craggy peaks
...and the fog rolls back in.
Brilliant sunshine for the final day of trekking; is the Land of the Thunder Dragon glad to see us go?
Downtown Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan
The obligatory Buddha
The fruits of 2,000 punishing vertical feet

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